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FW Cleaning Team is Fort Wayne, Indiana’s top professional cleaning company for both residential and commercial needs. We are proud to serve the ever-growing community and to be a part of the extraordinary transformation in greater Fort Wayne. We strive to be your choice for affordable, low cost, upkeep without losing quality.

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Quality Service

Our team background checks and thoroughly trains all staff. Our interview process is vigorous to ensure your safety and comfort with your housekeeper. This is not your old school maid service. We strive to make your experience unforgettable. In fact, we believe your experience will be so phenomenal that you will want to refer your friends and family to us. When you refer a friend who works with our team, we will thank you by giving you $20 off your next scheduled housekeeping with us. It’s our way of letting you know we value our customers and are thankful to be your top choice for housekeeping in Fort Wayne.

Green Products

We are passionate about supporting the Go Green Movement anyway we can. Our team does our best to eliminate waste by using as much reusable material as possible as well as giving our customers the option for plant-based, chemical-free products.  When calling to set up a visit,  simply ask our staff for our Green Program. Harsh chemicals can cause issues for people with certain allergies or intolerances. Our chemical-free products are pet and kid friendly, making your home a safe haven. 

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Commercial & Residential

Services We Offer

Residential Cleaning

Life gets busy. Our professional team can help. Sign up for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly house cleaning services to add more time to your day. We are happy to help. Call today to schedule some time for yourself and a freshly cleaned home.

Commercial Cleaning

Proper cleaning in the workplace has never been more important. Weekly routine cleaning ensures your business can look and be safe and inviting to both staff and customers. Schedule your routine commercial cleaning today.


Renting out your space? Schedule routine cleaning services to make the transitions go smoothly. We will help keep your place clean and ready for your new guests. Let us help you get that 5 star review.

Moving Cleaning

Moving can be stressful. Let us help! We can clean your old place and the new one, giving you a positive ending and a fresh start. We'll clean out cupboards, closets, and all corners and edges. Make sure your home is ready for you and your family and schedule our services today.

Cleaning and Health

There have been countless research studies that show the connection between cleanliness and health. It’s not news that our environments directly affect our physical and mental health drastically. From dust and mold to clutter and disorganization, the space we are in affects who we are. 

Allergies are the most common health concern when it comes to cleanliness. Something as simple as a dust allergy can affect breathing, sleeping, and overall brain function. A lot of times we get so used to these negative effects that we no longer acknowledge them. Our routine visits can tackle this problem by vacuuming up that pesky dust and improve the day to day life of you and your loved ones.

Pests like mice, flies, and ants are other common concerns when it comes to home maintenance. Simple crumbs left on counters, floors, and cabinets can attract these disease carrying pests. Pest treatment is costly and a burden on the entire household. Preventative upkeep is the healthiest and cheapest option for you and your family. 

We care about your mental health. Studies are becoming more and more common that show the link of the environment in stress, anxiety, and depression. Our environment mirrors our mind in many ways. When you are living in chaos, your mind also becomes chaotic. Our professional team will help give you the reset and assistance you need. In our busy culture, we want to help you focus on things that matter most to you without the overwhelming task of keeping your house in order. With our help you can focus on your family, friends, and hobbies.

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