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Routine Cleaning

Our routine visits are scheduled weekly all around Fort Wayne, Indiana and the surrounding areas. Ensure the safety of your employees and customers by having regularly scheduled cleaning. Our commercial cleaning keep your offices, bathrooms, break rooms, and all common spaces clean and ready for business. 

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Business Health and Safety

It’s no question that your environment affects your entire life. Over and over research has shown that your environment you are in does not only affect your physical health but your mental health too. With sickness everywhere, we understand the importance of stopping it before it spreads to yet another person. When one of your employees gets sick, oftentimes the entire staff can get a bug. When an employee gets sick it affects income, PTO, extra-curricular activities, and routine in general. Our janitors will help eliminate the spread of germs and help keep you and your work family healthy. Easy things like disinfecting door handles, faucets, and light switches can be a great start. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your cell-phones, tablets, laptops, and tv remotes. Oftentimes we forget that these are our most touched objects and they can carry tons of bacteria. When disinfecting your office space, run through the most commonly touched places. We are here to help your  business stay healthy and stop illness from spreading.

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