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House Cleaning Services

Routine Cleaning

Our routine visits are scheduled weekly all around Fort Wayne, Indiana and the surrounding areas. Our housekeeping visits can recur weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. We want to work with a schedule that works for your family. Routine cleaning keeps your home in tip top shape.  Remember, the cleanliness of your home and office directly affects both physical and mental health. Our low cost and affordable prices make us the top cleaning service near you for the job.

toilet bowl cleaning
Cleaning mirror

Deep Cleaning Services

If it’s been more than a month with upkeep, we would recommend our deep cleaning. This ensures your space gets the attention it needs. This allows for more elaborate and thorough help. This option is great after moving to a new location and getting a clean and fresh start. Perfect when life has gotten to bust and chores and general upkeep have been missed. We are happy to help get you the fresh restart you and your family deserves and affordable price.

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