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Moving Cleaning

FW Cleaning Team is Fort Wayne’s best move out cleaning. We are proud to serve the ever-growing community of Fort Wayne and with that comes a lot of moving families and businesses. If you are new to Fort Wayne, welcome! We are glad you are here to be a part of the growth in this wonderful city. We strive to be low cost and affordable without sacrificing quality. We are better than the old school maid.

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Moving out of a rental/apartment?

‚ÄčOur help will help you get your deposit back and leave in good standing with your landlord. It’s the worst to not get your deposit back. That’s money that can go on a new deposit, moving expenses, or literally anything else. Let’s face it, moving can be time consuming and hectic. Oftentimes people will throw their hands up in the air and say “they can just keep my deposit!” Hire us to do it for you. Even after paying for our housekeeping services for you, we can get you some money back. This will also keep you in good standing with a landlord for later rental referrals if they are ever needed. Lastly, it’s a gift to the person taking over the space after you to come into a fresh start.

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